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Packaging must protect and preserve a product from the time it is manufactured until it is used. It must be designed and created to be as suitable as possible for transport and to safeguard the contents from climatic hazards such as humidity, heat and frost. However, technical function is interwoven with communicative function. Modern packaging must provide information on its content and on who has produced it. This is why the OCM products represent excellence in the sector. They meet all of these essential requirements.




OCM was founded in 1962 as a mechanical workshop. The structure consisted of three employees and a shed of 300 square meters. In 1965 GINO D’AGNOLO, founding partner, transformed the company into a tin manufacturer, specializing in the production of lightweight metal packaging.

The company took a mighty step forward in 1990 and with the acquisition of an important company in the same division in the province of Padua, OCM doubled its structures and commercial network, also projecting itself onto the foreign market. In the 1990’s the partnership with ILLYCAFFÈ S.p.A., a leading company in the coffee market, propelled OCM among the most important entities in its sector and led to the achievement of the packaging Oscar, an international recognition in the sector, in 1993 and 2002.

Constant investments in new technologies and human resources enable the best conditions for confronting even the less favorable periods by fearlessly facing a globalized market such as the current one.
The Gruaro plant increased his area by 3.000 m2 over the last three years. We are currently building other 2.000 m2 to the north of the plant, which will be up and running in June 2022.
A new road will allow the internal anti-clockwise circulation: raw materials will come from the north and final products will exit from the company in a southerly direction.
This project ensures greater safety in internal circulation, and it has been deserving for founding by Invitalia. (The only company in the Veneto region). The new circulation system will also allow the creation of new logistics consisting of:
  • pallet’s preparation area: packaging, filming and pallet labelling of about 1.000 m2
  • storage area: high intensity warehouse of 5.000 m2 and a height of 15 m with a capacity of 12.000 pallets of final product.
  • a further area used for preparing goods to be shipped of about 1.000 m2. The total surface of the two plants will therefore be 40.000 m2.
The total surface of the two plants will therefore be 40.000 m2.

We are working on the ethical balance sheet and social responsibility, and we have started the process to also obtain the ISO 22000 : 2018.

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